GlowBored PR is a dynamic, full-service public relations and communications agency with offices in BRISBANE, SYDNEY, HONG KONG and LONDON, a force to be reckoned with across the Australian media landscape. Founded in 2012 by Jeremy Hansen, The GlowBored team take a completely fresh and original approach with clientele across the lifestyle, entertainment and fashion sectors. No one can compare to GlowBored's commitment to creating and gaining media exposure for clients. 


With content creation and information flow critical in the 21st century, being the link between clientele, the media, and the public, GlowBored provide quick and effective PR solutions around the clock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No one can match our level of reachability and availability. 


Today's world is all about standing out from your competitors and appealing to your demographic, the GlowBored team are able to provide a tailored approach for each client to ensure the brand message reaches where it needs to. We are firm believers that one size does not fit all, and every client, every project is approached freshly. 


Re-writing the rules of PR and brand exposure, the GlowBored team think outside the box and deliver the best possible results. We can't wait for you to come onboard with us. 




The media landscape never sleeps, so why should your PR agency? GlowBored work around the clock to ensure our clientele's brand messages reach far and wide. We believe in setting deliverable and measurable KPI's, and at the end of the day, we bring home the ROI. 


Our team are experts across the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment sectors and have the tools and connections to ensure your brand is seen and heard. We love the Australian media landscape and navigate it expertly - what better way to build your brand than to engage people who love what they do and communicate in a way that the Australian media industry are able to understand efficiently and effectively? The GlowBored team ensure constant on radar coverage. 



For us, social media is our first language. It's in everything that we do. 


In today's day and age it is so important for brands to approach social media strategically, and what better agency to engage than an agency full of people who eat, sleep, and breath social media? The GlowBored team will be able to ensure your brand's social media platforms are meeting your demographics, bringing in new business and driving brand awareness. 


We set objectives, goals and a social strategy to create engaging content, well targeted to bring a ROI. You can then rely on us for accurate and comprehensive reporting. The GlowBored social offering includes; strategy, content creation, advertising and promotion, insights and analytics.  As well as that, GlowBored are able to offer eDM services from start to finish.




Creating the perfect event can be the start of launching a successful brand, generate thousands in PR value, or just the thing to remind the world exactly what your brand has to offer. From product launches, film premieres, theatre opening nights, fashion shows and restaurants openings - we've done it all. 


Whether it's a red carpet or underground event, GlowBored is the perfect agency to engage. With extensive media connections and a wealth of expertise we can manage everything from invitation and RSVP management, locking in key media and VIPs to attend, and general running of the event. From intimate media showings to large-scale evenings, nothing is too big or small. 



You hope to never have a need for it, but just in case. 


Whatever the issue may be, GlowBored has the experience and strategic advice to guide you through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Spreading a positive message, jumping into damage control, or perhaps containing a story - we've done it all. GlowBored should be your first call for crisis & issue management.




Storytelling is what we do.


We love sharing the news about our client's products, venues and services - as well as that we can spread the news about a particular person, raising their profile. We work with some fantastic people, with incredible stories that deserve to be shared. What better an agency to work with to build your profile than an agency that shares stories every single day. 



Getting products into the hands of VIPs and influencers for that money shot - invaluable PR. 


Alongside our partner agency The Talent Assembly, we have a long list of talent including bloggers, influencers, VIPs, and more to help you find the perfect brand advocate, someone who aligns effortlessly. Working across the lifestyle, fashion and entertainment sectors allow us to engage with a broad range of talent, allowing us to deliver you the ideal partnership to represent your brand. 




Out of the box, and never done before - this is where we shine. 


The GlowBored team are brave, inspired, creative and ready to develop a strategy that sets your brand apart. We are famous for our out of the box tactics. Whether it's turning Portside Wharf into a spooky graveyard (complete with coffins, tombstones and fog) for the release of The Witch at DENDY Cinemas, or a 'welcome to Australia' Sydney Harbour Bridge climb for the hottest US YouTube sensation to kick off her Australian tour - Trust GlowBored to develop and implement a concept never done before that's sure to grab attention in all the right places.

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