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This Aussie brand is now available in ALL 820 Coles Supermarkets Australia-wide

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Youfoodz now available in ALL 820 Coles Supermarkets Australia-wide.

Meal delivery giant Youfoodz were the market leading brand for fresh ready-made meals in Australia in 2012 and have grown the category significantly with consistently high levels of brand awareness and loyalty.

This exciting new expansion with Coles will see Youfoodz stocked in all 820 Coles Supermarket stores across the country - this means healthy eating is now even easier for more than 20 million Coles shoppers!

Our goal is to make Youfoodz the most accessible ready-made meal in Australia and launching in Coles across the country will enable many more Australians to enjoy the convenience of Youfoodz.” said Youfoodz CEO Lance Giles.

We are proud to be expanding and excited with the partnership we have in place with Coles" said Lance.

Youfoodz is here to make Australia healthier & happier one bite at a time, by making it easier for all Aussies to access fresh and healthy ready-made meals using the best local produce and ingredients.

The ever-changing menu of fresh ready-made meals will now be available in even the most remote locations across Australia via the Coles Supermarket network.

This exciting partnership brings even greater access for customers to Youfoodz, expanding far and wide beyond the ever-growing delivery zones of over 3,000 postcodes with Youfoodz. For Coles shoppers, the addition of Youfoodz products in each and every location means a wider variety of fresh, ready-made meals available for the Australian consumer.

Never has it been so accessible to pick up fresh and healthy meals - say, for dinner on the way home from work. Or, in the weekly grocery shop to ensure the fridge is always stocked with something ready to eat.

Our customers have told us they’re looking for quick and easy meals for lunch and dinner that are made from quality ingredients” said Charlotte Rhodes, Coles General Manager for Fresh Convenience, Dairy and Freezer.

Our research also found that one in three customers don’t have the time to cook from scratch and 52% are not interested in cooking more at home, with chopping and cutting regarded as their biggest pain points with meal prep.

And since COVID-19, we have seen a growing demand for Australian restaurant-quality food that won’t break the bank and provides healthier alternatives to fast food.

To cater to this increasing demand for restaurant-quality meals at home, we have transformed our ‘Food to Go’ department and launched our biggest-ever range of homestyle convenience meals to make life easier for customers.

We’ve partnered with Youfoodz to expand their market leading fresh ready-made meals to all Coles supermarkets nationwide” said Charlotte.

On a mission to create the future of food, Youfoodz believe every Australian deserves access to fresh, affordable and delicious meals.

Youfoodz chef-prepared ready-made meals are fresh and tasty, never frozen, and are made from locally sourced, quality ingredients. The Youfoodz chefs take inspiration from a variety of dishes and cuisines around the world.

Heat and eat in minutes - Youfoodz provides customers convenience, as well as fresh and healthy options. Saving time and taking the hard work out of making good food choices.

Plus, Coles shoppers have reason to be excited as Youfoodz has been crowned as Australia’s Best Food Delivery Service from ProductReview 3 years in a row.