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Why everyone should be taking Sulfora

Sulfora - the original broccoli sprout powder sachet - is designed to deliver high-levels of bioactive sulforaphane to your body, wherever you are.

Sulforaphane, along with supporting general wellbeing, has also been shown to boost immune response as well as act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Founded here in Australia, on the beautiful Gold Coast, Sulfora delivers rich, bioactive sulforaphane to your body’s cells. Two sachets a day - a Natural sachet in the morning with juice or a smoothie. Followed by a Passion Pine sachet in the afternoon as a booster - is a great way to support the immune system.


Sulforaphane is a natural compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, kale and especially broccoli sprouts.

If you haven’t heard of sulforaphane, you’re not living under a rock. Although it has gained popularity in recent years due to the discovery of its powerful benefits, sulforaphane hasn't yet completely broken into the mainstream.

Sulfora™ contains 100% whole broccoli sprout powder optimised for high sulforaphane yielding. Thanks to the innovative growth & production process, Sulfora™ Broccoli Sprout Powder is one of the richest sources of sulforaphane currently available anywhere.


Aside from supporting general wellbeing, studies have shown sulforaphane may help with:

  • Boosting immune system response

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Slowing ageing + promoting healthy skin

  • Boosting cognitive function + energy (ATP) production

  • Protecting against air pollution

  • Supporting healthy liver & cardiovascular function

  • Encouraging detoxification