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How to stay physically & mentally healthy at work

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime!

That is nearly a third of our lives, so it’s important to look after our bodies and minds during work hours. Sure, getting up for a 5am bootcamp or eating a healthy meal for dinner can take the pressure off, but let’s not neglect our well-being between the hours of 9am and 5pm!Here are some quick and easy ways to feel physically and mentally healthier in the workplace:


Getting enough water during the day not only keeps you hydrated, but can also prevent drowsiness, headaches, and hunger pains. Keep a jug on your desk, Youfoodz water bottle, or take an hourly trip to the water-cooler to keep your steps up and help get your eight glasses of water in. Also, fruit like oranges, watermelon, and grapes can help contribute to your overall water intake.


Okay, it sounds easier said than done (especially in a toxic workplace) but staying positive on the job can have a big impact on your mental health. We often face ‘ups and downs’ related to workloads, relationships with colleagues, and uncertainty about our role and responsibilities. But hey, try not to stew on things you can’t do anything about and focus on those you can. It won’t be long before you feel more empowered, positive, and confident at work.


In any office it can feel like someone's birthday every week. And you know what that means: cake! Combat any sweet-tooth temptations by keeping healthy alternatives like nuts, fresh fruit, a Youfoodz Cran-Peary Bliss Ball, or Veg Sticks with Hummus next to your desk. Now that you’re also drinking plenty of water, you won’t get tricked into feeling hungry.


The days of expecting employees to spend eight hours sitting in front of a desk are well and truly over. Treadmill desks may be a few years from becoming mainstream, but stand-up desks are now the norm in many workplaces and can help reduce back pain, improve mental health, and even help lose weight. Set an alarm for an hourly wander – or at lunchtime try to get some fresh air!


You’ve Marie Kondo'd your kitchen, now let's do your workspace. Tidy desk = tidy mind. You might think you are working in the middle of organised chaos, but a messy workspace can cause extra stress and anxiety. Set aside some time on Fridays to clear up a bit and guarantee you’ll feel better prepared to face the week when you walk into the office on Monday morning.


Flexible working conditions such as working from home, or working with flexible hours can help reduce workplace-stress levels. Have a chat to your boss about whether these conditions are company policy or something you could trial. A healthy, happy employee is a good employee, so see how your workplace can help you help yourself.